If you’ve suffered as the victim of a car accident, then you are not alone. On average, a car accident is reported in Michigan every 1 minute and 41 seconds.

Michigan law provides you the right to recover economic and non-economic damages in West Bloomfield car accidents. To petition for these damages, or to get answers to your questions, you should contact West Bloomfield car accident lawyer Marc J. Shefman.

Our West Bloomfield car accident lawyers will stand by your side through the entire process of recovering damages after a car accident. We will treat you with care and respect as together you fight for the compensation you deserve.

Michigan Car Accident Statistics

In 2016, the most recent year for which reporting is complete:

  • There were 312,172 total car crashes in Michigan.
  • Of those car crashes, 980 (0.3%) were fatal, 57,964 (18.6%) were personal injury, and 253,228 (81.1%) were property damage only.
  • Compared to 2015 this is a 5.1 percent increase in total crashes, an increase of 9.7 percent in fatal crashes, a 7.3 percent increase in personal injury crashes, and a 4.6 percent increase in property damage crashes.
  • A total of 1,064 people were killed as a result of the 980 fatal crashes for an average of 1.1 deaths per fatal crash.
  • One out of every 9,331 people in Michigan was killed in a traffic crash.
  • One out of every 125 people in Michigan was injured.
  • In Oakland County (Southfield), there were 42,660 total car crashes.
  • Of those Southfield car accidents, 78 were fatal and 8,218 people were injured.

Michigan’s Comparative Negligence Rule

Michigan law includes a “modified comparative fault” rule concerning West Bloomfield car accidents in which the claimant is found to be partly responsible for the accident. Under this statute, the court will reduce the damage compensation if the injured person shares any amount of fault for the accident. No compensation will be awarded if the injured claimant is determined to be responsible for 50% or more of the accident.

Benefits of Hiring a West Bloomfield Car Accident Lawyer

Marc J. Shefman is an experienced West Bloomfield car accident lawyer who helps victims of West Bloomfield car accidents recover damages for their injuries. How can Marc Shefman help you?

  • Working quickly to recreate the accident scene and preserve important evidence for your case.
  • Handling all official correspondence with law enforcement and insurance officials on your behalf.
  • Guiding and advising you through any mediation or negotiation proceedings.
  • Educating you on the law pertaining to your West Bloomfield car accident and your rights.
  • Building a solid case if you must pursue your claim to court.
  • Fighting for your right to compensation under Michigan law.

Marc J. Shefman – West Bloomfield Car Accident Lawyer

Laws governing car accidents in Michigan can be complicated, which is why many attorneys do not handle those cases. Marc J. Shefman is an experienced West Bloomfield car accident lawyer who faithfully serves Metro Detroit, including Oakland, Lapeer, Livingston, St. Clair, Macomb, and Wayne, Genesee, and Washtenaw Counties. Call (248) 298-3003 or contact us online to arrange your free consultation to learn more about how Marc Shefman can help with your West Bloomfield car accident.