A car accident can be devastating. Under Michigan law, you have the right to recover compensation for car accident damage claims. Michigan law provides for both economic and non-economic damages. In order to petition for these damages, you need a skilled attorney with a deep understanding of Michigan laws that apply to insurance coverages and lawsuits.

Seasoned car accident lawyer Marc J. Shefman can answer your questions about the law and your rights. He has decades of experience winning car accident damage claims, both economic and non-economic, for his clients. In fact, he recently settled a 2-year, $4.5 million car accident case for a client. His persistence and knowledge pay off again and again.

Types of Car Accident Damage Claims

Michigan recognizes two types of damages in car accident damage claims: economic and non-economic. Economic damages cover specific costs incurred as a result of your injury or damage to property. Non-economic damages are more abstract and do not have fixed costs. A Michigan car accident lawyer like Marc Shefman can answer specific questions regarding your claim.

Examples of economic damages include, but are not limited to:

  • Car repairs or replacement
  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages

Examples of non-economic damages include, but are not limited to:

  • Physical pain
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of affection
  • Loss of companionship

Statute of Limitations and Damage Limits

Michigan law allows a 3 year statute of limitations for most personal injury and property damage lawsuits connected to car accident damage claims. Michigan does not place a limit on most damages that may be awarded in car accident damage claims. In addition, if your auto insurance does not cover all costs for your vehicle repair, you may file a claim against the other party, but in the majority of cases, it is limited to $1000. This is known as the Michigan Mini-Tort rule.

No-Fault Car Insurance Laws in Michigan

Michigan observes a “no-fault” automotive insurance system. Basically, this means that in the majority of auto accidents, the auto insurance coverage of each party involved in the accident covers the cost of medical bills and other specified expenses. This is true regardless of who caused the accident. Under Michigan law, you are prohibited from filing a suit after a car accident except in cases resulting in death, serious disfigurement, or serious impairment.

Marc J. Shefman – Michigan Car Accident Lawyer

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