Automobiles and other means of transportation are the chief causes of personal injury today. An unprecedented number of accidents and injuries occur on our roadways, involving cars, trucks, pedestrians, motorcycles, buses, and semi-trailers. Often times, accidents are the result of the negligent conduct or fault of one party. Drunk driving, for example, is the cause of countless accidents in parking lots and on roads and highways. Other accidents may be the result of a distracted driver, careless or reckless driving, speeding, or failure to stop at a stop sign or stop light. Roadway injuries are frequently substantial, resulting in serious bodily injury, paralysis, and even death.

West Bloomfield, MI auto accident attorney Marc J. Shefman has significant experience helping victims of motor vehicle accidents recover damages for their injuries. He works quickly to secure a settlement through mediation or negotiation proceedings, if possible. If the opposing party is unwilling to settle, Attorney Shefman will pursue the claim to court, building a solid case to present to the jury. He has extensive experience documenting and gathering pertinent information from the accident scene and carefully reconstructing the incident to prove to the jury how the accident happened and who is responsible.